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Company Profile

Business Type

Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Distributors

Total Turnover

10 - 25 Crore

Export Percentage


Import Percentage


Primary Competitive Advantages

  • World class quality products
  • Most competitive pricing
  • Complete client satisfaction
  • A vast client base
  • Regular addition of new products
  • Continued R&D.

No of Staff


Year of Establishment


Export Markets


Import Markets


Production Type


Standard Certification

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485: 2012

Product range :

Anaesthesia Equipments

Boyles Apparatus

Reservoir Bags

Guedel Pattern Airways

Corrugated Tubes

Resuscitation Kits


Semi Automatic Laboratory Autoclaves

Fully Automatic Autoclaves

Gas Cum Electric Autoclaves

Semi Automatic Portable Autoclaves

Double Wall Autoclaves

Cold Chain Equipments

Vaccine Carriers

Ice Packs

Cold Boxes

Diagnostic Instruments

Calorie Meters


Medical Headbands

Digital Sphygmomanometers


Infusion Pumps

ECG Machines

Patient Monitors



Reflex Hammers


Flame Photometers

Tuning Forks

Medical Ventilators

Fetal Monitors


Hospital Isocyanurate

Sodium Dichloro Isocynate Water Purifying Tablets

Liquid Chlorine

Chlorine Tablets

Toilet Cleaners

Marble & Tile Cleaners

Liquid Hand Soaps

Medical Kits

Disposable Delivery Kits

Stainless Steel Dressing Drums

Mother & Child Care Kits

Drug Kits ie: KIT. A, KIT. B, CHC KIT, PHC Kit and other rich medicine kits

Fogging Machines

Portable Fogging Machines (for Anti-mosquito operation)

Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machines

ULV Foggers for Hospital Sanitation

Hospital Furniture

Baby Cribs

Wheel Chairs


Bedside Lockers

Doctor Chairs

Revolving Stools

Bedside Screens

Mobile Operation Theatre Lights

Blood Donor Chairs

Bowl Stands

Gynae Tables

Ceiling Operation Theatre Lights

Foot Operated Dust Bins

I.C.U. Beds

Ortho Tables

I.V. Saline Stands

Medical Conference Tables

Bedside Tables

Medical Cupboards

Orthopedic Tables

Ambulance Stretchers

Movable Drawer Cabinets

Operation Theatre Tables

Hospital Stretchers

Scrub Unit Racks

Obstetric Tables

Stretcher Trolleys

Foot Stools

Hospital Bed Mattresses

Hospital Beds

Hospital Linen

Hospital Bedsheets

Hospital Staff Clothings

Bouffant Caps

Surgical Masks

Non Woven Shoe Covers

Surgical Gowns

HIV Personal Protection Kits

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit

Latex Surgical Gloves (ISI & CE Marked)

Disposable Sterilized Surgical Gloves

Powder Free Surgical Gloves

Examination Gloves

Elbow Length Gloves

Unsterilized Gloves

Gynae & Veterinary Gloves

Non Beaded Gloves (Gammex)

Laboratory Equipments

Auto Analyzers, Semi Auto Analyzers/Elisa Reader etc

Hematology Analyzers

PCR Machines

Elisa Readers

Urine Analyzers

Laboratory Utility Equipments

Diagnostics Kits

Medical Disposables

AD Syringes

Disposable Syringes






Urine Bags


Cord Clamps

Folleys Cathaters

Complete Dialysis Sets

Personal Protection sets

Blood Lancets

Surgical Blades

Neonatal Care Equipments

Baby Incubators

Radiant Warmers

Infanto Meters

Fetal Dopplers

Weighing Scales

Photo Therapy Units

Operation Theatre Equipments

Anesthesia Machines

Multipara Monitors

L.E.D.O.T. Lights

Pharmaceutical Products

Complete Pharma Range i.e; Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Syrups etc.

Complete Range of I.V Fluids both in FFS technology & non FFS technology plastic bottles & glass bottles as well.

Complete range of small volume parentals

Radiology & Imaging Equipments

C-ARM Image Intensifiers

Transcranial Dopplers

Mammography Machines

Fetal Dopplers

Ultrasound Machines

Baggage Scanners

X-Ray Machines from 30Ma to 700Ma (Both High frequency & Regular) in Various configurations

Surgical Dressings

Absorbent Cotton Wools

ISI marked Hospital Rubber Sheeting

Handloom Rolled Bandages

Non Absorbent Cotton Wools

Gauge Clothes

Bandage Clothes

Adhesive Elastic Bandages

Rolled Bandages

Crepe Bandages

P.O.P Bandages


Pressure Steam Sterilizers

Horizontal Sterilizers

Hot Air Sterilizers

Front Loading Sterilizers

Hot Plates

Other Medical Products /Equipments

All Rehabilitation Aids (Wheel Chair, Walkers, Co Quadcanes, Adjustable Sticks)

Oxygen Concentrators

Hospital hollow wares (Dressing Drums, Instrument Trays, Kidney Trays, Urinals, Bedpan, Instrument Sterilizers etc.

Suction Units, Therometers, Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometer, Nebulizers, Air Mattresses, Heating Pads, Hot Water Bottles, Baby Warm Bag, Electric Blankets, Infrared Lamps

All type Microscopes, Pharmacy Freezer, Mortuary Chambers, Laminators & Air Curtains etc.

Indelible Ink Marker Pens

Indelible Ink Marker Pens for election process

Indelible Ink products for vaccination drive as per WHO standards/specifications.

Complete range of Absorbable, Non Absorbable, Synthetic & other Sutures in all standard sizes.

Waste Management Products
All Types of & Varieties of Waste Management equipments, Inceniratoras, Trolleys, Wheel Barrows, Dustbins, Biogradable Polyethelene waste bags with colour coding.

Dental Equipments

A Variety of electrical, programmable & non-programmable Dental Chairs/Dental Units, OPG Machines, Dental X-ray Machines & other Dentistry related equipments & consumables.

Laundry Equipments
A vast range of high quality Laundry equipments including Washing Machines, Dryers, Tumblers, Steam Presses & allied equipments.

Kitchen Equipments
A vast range of high quality Kitchen equipments.

Surgical Implants

  • Hospital Furniture
    • Sealing Led Operation Theatre Light
  • Medical Kits
  • Gloves
    • Orthopedic Gloves
    • Radiation Protection Gloves
    • Latex Household Flocklined
  • Laboratory Utility
  • Diagnostics Kits
    • Laboratory Chemicals
    • Blood Collections Tubes (Vacunaters)
  • Medical Disposables
    • DT Sets, Guides Wires, Coins Knife, Etc
  • Operation Theatre Equipments
    • Modulator Operation Theatres
  • Radiology & Imaging Equipment
    • X-Ray Colour Dopplers
    • Surgical Dressings
    • Adhesive Plaster, Surgical Tape, Paraffing Gauze,
  • Gauze Swabs-Non Sterile - Bp Type 17
    • Lapspomge - Non Sterile - Bp Type17
    • Lapsponge - Sterile - Bp Type 17
    • Nuro Gauze - Sterile Double Packing
    • Nasal Pack - Sterile - Double Packing
    • Gauze Ball - Non Sterile
    • Gauze Ball - Sterile
    • Roller Bandage - Non Sterile
  • Gamjee Pad - Ready To Sterile
    • Gamjee Pad - Sterile
    • Cure Pad - Sterile

Company Certificates